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Young Elise, gifted with deep sight, dreams the quest of the mouse acrobat and the unicorn after they have escaped the great battle between the forces of the Nutcracker and the army of the Seven-Headed Mouse King. They meet many perils along the way, both internal and external. Why war? Why greed? The links to vanity and what self-aggrandizement leaves out. Finally they dance a revelatory dance with Blanche and Djinnsky. The quest changes the mouse acrobat far beyond who she was at the start. Elise wakes having seen to the center.

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Fit And Counterfeit

I am my own true fit and counterfeit, true gold and fool’s gold, their opposition not surviving this life’s intricacy, neither driving out each other’s other   What am I to make of myself but ceaseless forming of unresolvable formlessness, sometimes shameless in its heated heaving sometimes weighted with patient blind waiting?   In possessing myself, I dispossess myself of myself, pass into passing, leaving behind trinkets that mark a path beyond my own way of remembrances   “Am I or am I not?” becomes the sea of “was” or “was not,”,  time’s own shoreless “be”  ... read more


Slant is how best it goes when it knows not wither or why it goes, truth or not ruth, entertainment or catastrophe, yet slant’s elusive as firmament’s first fire   was there a first photon or were all and awe then self-entangled, then, as now , caught in the net of nothing stretched impossibly to bear being beyond themselves, ah, light   yes light, this light, slant, makes sight and shadow the worrisome wisdom of our delight, the fierce fervor of our burgeoning fright as climate changes, so our climax, too   my self, illusion, to itself is slight and slant as well, star, lost in its own... read more