I am a psychiatrist and author living in Towson, Maryland. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1946 and grew up there with some interludes in France. I went to Harvard College from which I graduated magna cum laude in Social Studies in1967. I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa (my sister Tamar enrolled me). I worked in Tanzania during a period of ferment as Tanzania sought to find a pathway to African socialism. I have also spent time in Brazil in a favella of Bahia. I’ve worked as a housing developer and also played a leading role in the development of an alternative high school in Cleveland. In 1981, I graduated from Wright State University School of Medicine where I was elected to Alpha Omega Alpha. In 1985 I completed a psychiatry residency at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital.

I have known a good bit of loss and illness in my life. I practice what I sometimes call the once and future psychiatry, namely treatment grounded in relatedness and attachment. I try to include elements of the psychiatry of the present, too. I’ve written three psychiatry books, Losing and Fusing (with Clarence Schulz, M.D.) Compassion and Creative Collaboration In Psychotherapy, all available from Amazon and elsewhere. I’ve also written two books of poetry, New Wrinkles and Spring Fed Pond. If you send me a request with an address, I will be glad to send you a
copy of one of the poetry books. Spring Fed Pond has won design awards.

I am not the Roger Lewin who is a science writer.

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