Idealization And Envy

Idealization and envy are antipodal twins.  Idealization produces colossi that bestride the psychological world and can produce

claustrophobia.   Adoration mingles with envy, so that the result can be a secret desire to escape that can manifest itself

as a feeling of being so hemmed in as to want to make a jail break.  A wife who over idealizes her husband may be moved to seek

affairs to liberate herself from the tyranny of her adoration.  This is passing strange and also familiar.


Envy is a pygmy with a blow gun shooting venomous darts.  Often these are words that take aim at the heat and try to stop it from beating.

Our Responsibility To The Dead

What is our responsibility to the dead?  Only the care of all that lives.  This is a sentiment that strikes me as strange but true, not one 

that I would have expected to discover within my breast in my heart when I was younger.  It connects me with the ancestor worship that is so fundamental

because we owe everything to our ancestors without whom we would not be.  The sun, too, is our ancestor, that young star by whose light we live.

Help And Hell

If you ask for help and catch hell, you will learn not to ask for help.  The result is solitary confinement.


There is no torturer like one’s own body.

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