White Egrets

In the tidal marsh
white egrets at attention
as stiff sea breeze blows

Opened Mouth

An open mouthed fish,
white, dead in seaweed tangle
washed up on Drake’s beach

After Point Reyes

On the other coast
I left myself walking the beach
with wind for my thoughts

Just As Flimsy

I try not to put
pressure on words, let them know
I’m just as flimsy

Pepper Red

Here in mid-July
drought has brought a few leaves down,
turned them pepper red

Too Many Of Us

Monarchs – not a one,
blue fin tuna are few, too –
too many of us

River Talk

The river can’t hear,
but it talks and talks, says things
that sound new each day


Little green rockets
poised atop their green fuel tanks –
hot chili peppers


Trilling cicadas
ancient chorus of summer
under a deaf moon

Dead Mouse In The Path

I cover distance
so I meet such diverse fates
looking for my own

All Wrong

I’ve done it all wrong –
but what was it, anyway?
I’ve no idea

Monarch In Maine

A monarch in Maine,
first of this long hot summer,
flying speck of hope

Waves And Clouds

The waves and the clouds
get all mixed up together –
they’re only water


Take notes on nothing –
these may well prove instructive
should you meet something


Birches on a slant
half fallen after the storm –
white slashes in green

Subway Platforms

Living and the dead
mingle on subway platforms
where my mind runs trains

Never Speak

If I understood
what I meant to say, I might
never speak a word


The chattering terns
are gaiety and terror
sharing the same sky

Popham Beach

All’s apparition
on Popham Beach in the mist –
my feet, yours, the sea


Flash of kingfisher
down the spine of the dark creek
after a hard rain


Tiny hummingbird
sixteenth of the cardinal
that passes over

Self And Sparrow

For self and sparrow
each evening’s setting sun is

August Firefly

August firefly
virtually the last one
tiny spot of gold

Sheets Of Sunlight

Like sheets of sunlight,
yellow swallowtails flit through
green of late summer

Siam Queen

Siam Queen basil
has grown dark spires, now flowers
a subtle purple


Orange daisies bloom
the eyes of unseen tigers –
sultry afternoon


Of the world’s riches,
I’ve tasted next to nothing
and that is plenty

Like Snares

Cicadas are mute
as a soft rain takes their place,
playing leaves like snares


The frogs are twanging –
has a string instrument drowned
in the lush green bog?

New Minted

Lifetime’s wondering
doubles back in itself – I’m
new minted naive

Getting Older

I’m getting older
and am almost innocent
whatever the charge

Stormy Skies

Perfectly peaceful,
the snapdragons make rainbows
under stormy skies

Day Of Rain

A whole day of rain
I’m waiting to spy the first
lean praying mantis

Milton, Delaware

Scavenging the beach
for dead fish, fox spied English
professor, bookless


I can’t imagine
the rest of my life, how rest
at last will find me


Before the downpour
the gray cat, storm cloud color,
sleeps at lily’s base

My Beginnings

Stranger and stranger
to me are my beginnings,
once all that I knew


I am wandering
restless as the wind all through
the deep brainforest

Salt Shaker

Salt shaker, can you
rain down wisdom on my head,
even if it’s bald?


The strangeness of now
is how familiar it is –
I dream I know it


I spend afternoons
walking the groves of my mind
while shadows lengthen


Pigments of feeling
color the autumn landscape –
am I more than haze?

No Bindings

Empty shelf fungi
long for books as leaves float down
but without bindings

In The Woods

These hours in the woods
in light, wind at water’s edge –
do I think at all?


White dog’s middle aged
and I am older than that –
we’re still on the loose


I am a lasso
that’s thrown about emptiness,
which yet slips away

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