Free You

Free You

How will I free you
from tedious city life?
Read Basho’s poems


When the grapes are ripe,
I miss you, dead grandfather –
then the first snow comes


By the tidal marsh
the wind whispers words of salt –
crabs hide in the ooze


Sky like a bottle
what grapes can match autumn’s light
in lustrous sorrow?


Like the sweet whisper
of last year’s cherry blossoms –
this fog on the sea


Morning is cloudy
not yet does heaven’s black bull
chuckle with thunder

First Leaves

First leaves of autumn
drifting like boats of burnt earth
on a sea of green


April 4, 1996

lost worlds,
half remembered passions,
spring’s first plum blossom.


One spring instant holds
a thousand years of sweetness,
both bee and beyond


Hills climb to the sky
drop to their knees by the sea,
hold millennia

My Death’s Horse

I am my death’s horse –
it rides me over the hills
to canter the beach

Spring Hail

Spring Hail

Spring hail beats leaf drums –
sunshine yellow skunk cabbage
glows up from the ground

Bloedel Gardens, Bainbridge Island, Seattle, April 19, 2008

Point Reyes Moments

Wind Combs

Wind combs wildflowers
on the hill’s spine by the sea –
if my hair could bloom…

Tamales Point

This spring spectacle –
millions of bright flower eyes –
every year, just now

Tule Elk

Tule elk, near color
of milk chocolate, moving
easily uphill

Twin Towers

Twin yellow pockmarked
morel towers – how eagerly
my eyes pick them out

Tree Peony

The tree peony
sheds huge white petals – a tent
going to pieces



I’m lost in my words –
only my words can set me free –
I can’t play ransom


The blue sky shimmers
amid wind blown leaves of green –
such is happiness

On Black Lake

White swans on black lake,
white dogwoods blooming on shore,
white dog by my side

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