One Cardinal

I always wonder
why one cardinal does not
set the woods on fire

Tiny Drab

Such tiny drab birds
have such sweet lavish voices –
I’m non-descript, too

Last Light

Last light of the year –
pink oak trees reach for the sky –
I’m both young and old

Winter Rain

Winter rain, steady
from sky as gray as the hair
that’s left on my head

Sixtieth Year

My sixtieth year’s
around the corner, I wish
I could bend light, see

After The War

Just after the war,
I was born, who knew nothing
of its strife, horrors

Grief Rebuilding

The war became part
of me and each breath I took
was grief rebuilding

Fifty Nine

Fifty-ninth birthday,
walking in snow with white dog
under a gray bowl

Understand Me

Understand me – light
changes instant to instant
and so does seeing

Dry Snow

The dry snow has stopped,
waits for the night wind to come
to shift it, sculpt it

First Star

Quiet of the night
as snow waits for the first star
to slip through the clouds

Black Nose

White dog disappears
into whiteness of the snow,
black nose left behind

All I Say

All I say is said
in passing, some chance remarks
before night takes me


What I imagine
I am is less what I am
than my lapse from it


All of this odd life
is indecent exposure,
how sun devours me

Young Crow

What a young crow knows
it knows deeper than its bones –
genes make tool making (Nature 13 January 2005 page 121)

White Antlered

The stain of shadow
on the smooth surface of snow –
oaks, high, white antlered

Still On Snow

White dog barks the bark
she saves just for foxes, barks
and is still on snow

All Love’s Lie

A cemetery
is what I am, place of rest,
where all love’s lies sleep

Frisbee Of Ice

A frisbee of ice
has formed in dog’s water dish –
I send it flying


I’m getting older
day by day and all I know
is still not knowing

Deft Death

Deft death, Dad, unstitched
your shadow from your heels, brought
it to live with me


I’d like to escape
my own form, my only form,
flit from my own fit

As Alive

You are as alive
for me now as when you lived,
maybe less reserved

North Wind

Tips of the bare oaks
finger a powder blue sky
as the north wind blows

As Flu Flies

Oceans away ducks
are incubating our fate
as a fierce flu flies


Suddenly a swan
is what you were the first time
all those snows ago


The sun is liquid
in midwinter – I drink gold
from a snowy cup

Dead Fox

Dead fox on the path
down by the lake – reddish brown,
small, precise and still

Eleven Bluebirds

Eleven bluebirds
perched in sunshine by the lake
while ice melts, mutters

Blue Early

Blue early spring sky
makes the world a robin’s egg,
just waiting to crack


Downy woodpecker
finds such different echoes
in just one dead limb


Woods make me happy –
I have no idea how
and that’s part of it

Creekside Sycamore

Creekside sycamore –
old Iseult of the white hands’
got nothing on you


New York, where I went
fifty seven years ago
to board my first ship


Bluebird over snow
with a red blush on his chest –
spring’s not far away

Shadow Barred

White dog in fresh snow,
her face shadow barred as she
trots through bare thickets

My Fatigue

More birdsong, more light –
intimations of fatigue
under white eyebrows


I’m wondering why
why do I bother to speak,
quite unlike the pond?

Sudden Weakness

A sudden weakness
overcomes me as I start
to remember when…

This One Window

I’ve been looking out
this one window so long I
see through what I see


I am what I am,
only this, so lonely, too,
broken open – here!

Cell Phone

Rachel, in the woods
cell phone let me talk with you,
brightened the birdsong

Litowa, Tanzania

There in Litowa,
what made me so feverish
I knew I could die?

Simple Things

These things were simple
until I got to live them –
love, birth, death and hope

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