Cloud on deep green,
white dog is diabetic,
as sweet as ever


I wait for the mail
with a child’s hope – I want word
from all I have lost

Robin Chicks

I approach the nest
where robin chicks wait for food –
robins dive bomb me

So Hot

So hot, so muggy –
but why can’t I even think?
what ‘s happened to me?

Inner Jungle

In inner jungle
I find words beautiful as
birds of paradise


Each garden holds, hides
a door to Eden, but how
to find it, pass through?


Tall slender grasses
sway in summer breeze and shed
mists of silver seeds


First week of summer,
hot and humid, basil thriving
as if this were home

Miracle Ordinary

I try to record
what I call the miracle
of ordinary

Between Patients

Alone with Montaigne
I wait for the next patient
to bring news of now

100 Degrees (Fahrenheit)

In the heat of day
breezes still whisper softly
in deep forest shade

New Pieces

Being with myself
is a perpetual puzzle –
new pieces each day

Almost Think

The heat of day breaks
in late afternoon and I
can almost think now

Small Words

I mumble small words
and then can not decipher
what I may have meant

Soft Fingers

Evening breeze enchants
with soft fingers on my cheek
as moon’s a gold hint

Neither Here Nor There

I went wandering
I was no longer here and
then no longer there

Pale Purple

In the midst of mint,
morning glories are blooming,
white and pale purple


Queen Ann’s Lace trembles
in a hot July 4th breeze –
what’s independence?


Nothing’s intricate
beyond the fact of being
and knowing I am

No Rain

No rain changes scents –
the sense of dry takes over
along with deep fear

Shadow Net

Of shifting shadows’
net cast across a green lawn
swallowtail flits free


Cabbage butterfly
as white as a flying flag
cheerful in lilies

Few Mosquitoes

It’s so dry and hot
there are so few mosquitoes –
I start to miss them

Stitch In

Each little poem
a stitch in a bright garment
that I’ll never wear

Old Magnolia

Old magnolia
stands staunch in this blazing heat –
no past, no future


Artificial rain,
the drumbeat of sprinkler drops
in parched July wood

Both At Once

Summer evening mood –
a bird sings joy and sorrow
and sings both at once

Too Hot

It’s too hot for thought –
I dream of my dead parents –
missing is missing


Cardinal flowers,
cardinals – red is relief
in fierce summer heat


Heart stopping beauty
of swallowtail in the breeze
before twilight dims

Last Fireflies

Last fireflies flicker
lonely lights in late July –
they can’t know sorrow


Drunken swallowtail,
yellow patch in heavy air –
rumble of thunder

Getting On

I’m part of nothing
and nothing is part of me –
we get along well

August Sniff

This afternoon breeze
stirs August dapple – white dog
sniffs with her black nose


After weeks of heat
this fine afternoon changes
who I think I am

Gentle Breeze

A thousand worries –
a gentle breeze on the cheek –
which one is more real?


Quiet mesh of green
of which I will soon be part
past acquiescence


Metamorphic bricks
is what words are – buildings change
without touch of trowel

Orange Flag

Flying in the rain,
monarch, fluttering orange flag –


My tongue is leaden,
so I stare into the fire,
watching orange tongues leap

I Lost

I lost a few lines
last night, threw them back into
the pond of silence


From high in green oak
yellow swallowtail whirls down –
almost autumn leaf

Reach Me

I’m always searching
for what’s inside out of reach –
I never reach me

In Sorts

I’m not on good terms
with myself, never have been –
could I be in sorts?

Summer Stir

Summer stir of leaves,
green whispering in the breeze,
high clouds, no moon yet

Color Of Rust

The color of rust,
slimy mushrooms, growing out
from huge fallen oak

On Slate Roof

Acorns on slate roof,
cracks that herald fall’s coming –
squirrels on alert

Moon Dreams

The moon dreams its way
up eastern sky, quells the heat
of this August day


Yellow swallowtail
and bluest September sky –
this is still summer

Late Snapdragons

These late snapdragons,
a dream of summer’s passing,
as the sun heads south

Dreamer, A Dream

Everything I see
starts to seem a dream to me –
dreamer, a dream, too


Empress butterfly,
wings of subtle orange and dun,
still on brown oak leaf


Late anemones
at summer’s end are blooming
cool refreshing white


I’m fading away
from all I was and wanted –
empty, more content

Dream Well

Into the dream well
I lower my bucket, catch
cold draughts of myself

Absent Minded

My mind is elsewhere
when I think – absent-minded
I become myself


Summer is muted
these last days before autumn –
it has done its work


How to live, how die?
I watch wind teasing willows
beside the river…

To Learn

All that is, teaches,
if I can just step away
from my wishing’s fount


Yellow swallowtails
fly out of the tall still oaks
and into my mind


Is white dog failing?
She’s still completely herself –
white lashes, pink tongue

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