Stupor in the west,
chill fog in San Francisco,
inside and outside

San Francisco Bay

San Francisco bay
as blue as ever, blue as
I remember me


this mushroom here before me
lemon lion’s mane


I tumble in dream
like clothes in washing machine,
wake wet with wonder


The goldfinch that flies
is not the same bird that lights
on my mind’s thistle..

Dark Line

Distant pelicans,
dark line on sea sullen blue –
I’m part of them, too

Ink Against Cloud

Pelicans are first
calligraphy on the bay,
then ink against cloud

Drake’s Beach

My bare foot touches
at Drake’s beach Pacific fringe –
cold is sudden, sweet

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas blooming pink
in salt flecked breeze – how little
it takes to find joy


In cliffs of Drake’s beach
I see myriad faces,
sand, rust, maybe me

Old Drake

I’m like old Drake, too
I touch and then must let go,
sail my own ocean

Taste Of Ocean

A taste of ocean
lets me be less and be free
as spray in the wind

Two Cormorants

Two cormorants dive
in unison, kin of ink
hunting in the murk

Voice Of Nothing

I’m voice of nothing –
miraculous – it forms sounds –
returns to silence

Lady Bug

One lady bug, orange,
in pocked well-traveled driftwood –
when did she hop on?


Ninety-four years old
dwindling she’s a sparrow
who hops off, takes flight


White clover is back,
the snows of yesteryear, here,
sweetened for summer

Hot And Humid

It’s hot and humid,
weather magnolia’s loved
since the beginning


How much is leisure
the opposite of work, how
much work all its own?


Summer’s in full swing,
long shortening days, the noose
around its neck, loose


An embargo stills
my tongue – what’s so precious, moon.
that I can’t say it?.

Bloom On Bloom

Milkweed’s sweet rotten
smell draws swallowtails to light,
bloom on dusky blooms

Like A Sun

One orange nasturtium
a fierce sun in the fragrant
purple lavender

White Snapdragons

Dragons with cloud jaws
fastened to green stems, tranquil
as twilight deepens

Thick Scent

Thick scent of milkweed
just before the thunderstorm –
bees stay hard at work

Inaccurate Slant

Inaccurate slant
of my small mind on all things –
every clown’s a king

To Be Lost

Each day is a maze,
mind is the seeker of threads,
the thing to be lost


Monarch flew an orange
stuttering helix up through
apple tree to blue


Kaleidoscope, me,
yesterdays, tomorrows, now,
one stained teeming glass

Moon Alone

The lightning bugs have
done their work, leaving the moon
alone with the dark

Evaristo Medina

The gourd fish that’s signed
“Evaristo Medina”
swims decades with me


I’m making my way
through another year even
as my way makes me

Never Before

Morning breeze in oaks –
I’ve watched this a thousand times
and never before

Looking For Words

I’m looking for words,
phantom flashing fireflies
in my mind’s evening

Becoming Rose

Oak leaf hydrangea
has blushed a becoming rose
on pale green petals

Old Sorrow

On a sweet morning
an old sorrow’s present new
and I’m helpless still

Green Momentum

Summer glides its course
charged with vast green momentum,
no way to look back


Mastery’s awkward,
as is mystery, secret
the young can not know

Twilight Bird Calls

Bird calls at twilight,
a summery summary
of what can’t be known

Sticky Weather

In sticky weather,
stargazer lilies perfume
the entire garden

Huge Gold

Under the rumble
of afternoon thunder –
huge gold sunflowers


Summerscent of rot
comes faintly up off the land –
white clover’s still sweet

Aging Mind

In my aging mind –
yesterday and tomorrow –
hopefully confused


I’m irrelevant,
becalmed in being’s shallows –
or are these the deeps?

Just Waking Up

Tomorrow’s a dream
and so, too, is yesterday –
I’m just waking up


Mushroom’s a missile
launched from underground that can’t
quite break free of earth

Walking Junkyard

Don’t know what’s in me
let alone how it got there –
I’m walking junkyard

Lebanon, 2006

Murder never helps
drive the terror farther off,
but makes it a home


Jagged canyon walls
intrude between the seconds –
somewhere a river

Leaving Part

Death is the drama
whose leading part, leaving part
each one comes to play


Wasp in blooming thyme,
black and full of menace as
a helicopter


Tall stargazer stem
is a lance carrying pink
fierce fragrant peaceheads


A beige Port Clyde rock
with eggshell white equator –
a world in my hand


My daughter brought me
a hat from Australia –
she’s gone beyond me

Bare Feet

My bare feet find smiles
in the moist cool morning grass –
how can I resist?

Dead Mouse

Dead mouse in the grass
and gray cat matter-of-fact
asleep in the shade


Something delicate
is the source of all my strength,
something less than me


I snip surroundings
to hazard guesses of what
might be inside me

Beside The Point

I’m beside the point –
I can’t reach out and touch it –
it’s shy as I am


The white dog and I
find on the floor the comfort
of the pack we lack

Or What?

I’ve nothing to say,
yet I hunger to be heard –
irony or what?

Almost Cool

Evening’s almost cool
as the day’s fierce heat retreats –
mind changes its clothes

Fine Fierce

Heat brings cicadas
up to a fine fierce frenzy
which calms, collects me

Terraced Garden

A terraced garden,
many years in the making
like a single glance

Old Screen Porch

The old screen porch holds
white dog and me as the rain
pours out of white sky

Sieve And Sand

I’m the one I was,
also the ones I wasn’t –
I’m sieve and sand both

Placid Rabbit

Placid brown rabbit
munches clover the color
of his cottontail

Fox’s Bark

Fox’s distressed bark,
bright beyond the reach of brass,
flame leaping from dark


I travel remaining
still within myself, watching
myself come and go


Samoyed, white dog,
Shira, song and poetry,
four paws on my trail


Summer’s first monarch –
once there were thousands and more –
orange in morning breeze

Pale Fingers

Morning’s pale fingers
fondle the moist of meadows
pat the grazing deer

In The Drizzle

The fireflies flicker
eagerly in the drizzle
after twilight storm

Mint’s Delirium

Mint’s delirium
floats on the staggering heat –
gray cat sleeps in it

Dream River

Beside dream river
Dad and I hiked so many
green and speechless miles

No Secrets

Happiness – a guest
who comes unannounced and claims
to have no secrets


Mosquitoes surround
the gray cat – they’re frustrated
by her thick smooth fur

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts come from pines,
but everywhere is pining
that’s the fruit of love

Living Frontier

I’m living frontier,
an edgy intermingling
of what’s found and flight

Qana, July 2006

I’m diving the past
to grasp the present wreckage –
all the dead children

Turn Away

I would turn away,
but what I flee follows me –
I’m in Lebanon

Noon Heat

Deep purple basil
is soaking up summer sun –
noon heat is intense

Twin Beauties

The beauty of peace
and the beauty of combat
are always at war

Sixty Years In Peace

Sixty years in peace
I have lived now and struggled –
immense good fortune


What is this sorrow,
but the conductor’s baton
marking time’s music?

Bull’s Eyes

Bull’s eyes scattered through
these green woods – tiny spiders
fish soft summer air

No Remorse

I feel no remorse
when I crash a spider’s web –
expect none from quake

Still Brown Rabbit

Cabbage butterfly
buzzes the still brown rabbit
in the white clover

Immense Slaughter

The immense slaughter
that is the wealth of nature –
why should I escape?

Lost Books

Yellow swallowtails
ripped from lost books of the sun
flit afternoon dreams

Just The Same

Sixty years old now
and just the same as I was
in my second year

Without A Map

I keep slipping away –
where I go I just don’t know –
man without a map

Mouse Guts

Gray cat left mouse guts
on the porch – I think of war
in lands close and far

What Tailor

What tailor cuts hope
to make it suit what can be –
how does he measure?

Late Summer’s Whimsy

Late summer’s whimsy –
fertility’s foolishness –
tomatoes on the ground

Morning And

Sunday morning and
quiet and the lift of light
up through breeze stirred oaks

Forests Of Feeling

I wander forests
of feeling, try to ask fox
what he knows for sure

Almost Home

My life’s an exile
in country that’s almost home,
borders never still

Words Change

Words change as I speak
so I don’t know what I’ve said,
what I meant to say

Tiny Packets

Fabulous tangle
of cerebrum where light lives
in tiny packets

Wild Grapes

Wild blue-purple grapes
are almost all skin and seed,
a long way from wine


My right ankle aches –
the years have given me gout –
I still love to walk

Bright Red Seeds

Jack in the Pulpit
is loaded with bright red seeds,
trying to make more

Goldfinch And

Up into the green –
goldfinch and two cardinals –
color in the breeze

Still Riding

Along that dead log,
new crop of Dryads’ saddles –
so they’re still riding

Can It Be

What’s most obvious
most intrigues me – can it be
that I really am?

Soap Bubble

I keep throwing spears
at the soap bubble of self
but it never bursts

August Tomatoes

August tomatoes
each big as an asteroid
each bite red delight

Don’t Ask

Is there more to love
than hope and need conspiring?
Don’t ask an old man…

Prison Prism

Everywhere I’ve been,
I’ve been only in myself –
my prison prism

Green Chestnut

Single green chestnut
spiny as a sea urchin
hides a brown planet

A Story

I am a story
blended of, descended from
millions of stories

Settled Middle

My hopes deceive me,
as do my despairs – how rare
the settled middle


Building sandcastles
by this sea – tides carry off
hope and memory

Like Phosphorus

Wild white clematis
burns like phosphorus in rain
that just won’t let up


Despair’s the bushel
whose dark conceals the tiny
intense light of hope

One Week

One week of rain now
and it feels like forever
just as the drought did

Broken And Whole

My heart is broken
and whole as I watch the rain,
think of those I’ve lost

Mist I’m Made Of

Into emptiness
I keep looking – where did mist
I’m made of begin?

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