Sour cherries glow
as red as coals, but don’t burn
the mouth they surprise

“Live small…”

“Live small and be large”
slight motto for a cruel time
when sloth and greed rule

Now Is

Now is the surround
that’s always here, for it stays
even as it goes


The hypnotic grace
of birds in flight setting type
on the sky’s blue page

Fog SF

This fog is bracing,
muffles sight and cleanses mind –
soft life from the sea

Oakland Docks

Shining flightless cranes
lean over hulls heaped with “goods”
or should I say “bads”?

“Your days are numbered”

“Your days are numbered”
says the setting sun – I know,
long for the new dawn

As Little

Mother, dead mother,
you hear me as little now
as you did in life

Our Boots

Our boots by the wall,
dusty from the morning’s ride,
still and eloquent


I sit on the porch
and look out on the valley,
watch one brown llama


Curtain of purple
delphinium by the creek
rushing down Lundy

Out The Window

Out the window now
mist shrouded hills running north,
still horses grazing

Small Black Frog

My horse’s hoof just
missed a small black frog – neither
of them were concerned

Whispered Thoughts

I whisper my thoughts
to the white dog, sure she’ll keep
my confidences


The abiding green
speechlessness of pines under
the great mountain’s brow

Raccoons’ Window

The wild clematis
has almost reached the raccoons’
window in the oak

Rain Hesitates

The breeze barely stirs
the huge limbs of these old trees
as rain hesitates

Lost And Found

Each and every day
is lost even as its found –
memory’s a dream

Near 60

What I know takes me
by surprise as if I were
twenty and dreaming


I move the fences
in my mind trying to keep
me in green pasture

So Many Beauties

So many beauties
have perished but still burn bright
in my heart’s night sky

All That’s Left

I’m all that’s left now
of so many that I’ve loved –
I cling like a leaf

My Sixtieth Year

My sixtieth year
and now autumn comes around,
death wrapped in rainbow

Soft Flights

Autumn’s beginning
in soft flights of golden leaves
in cool sheets of mist

40 Years Ago

Forty years ago
I was harvesting gold wheat
in Chanzeaux, green dream


Time can slow and speed,
but never swerves from the course
it and I must go

Thought’s Mist

The cool of evening
settling through the green of trees
finds me in thought’s mist


Lost in reflection
I cross the path and wander
deep in these old woods

Bounding Deer

I love bounding deer,
how their leaps inscribe half hoops
in the forest green

Offshore Islands

The offshore islands
disappear and go to sleep –
waves lap with soft tongues

New World

When I go to sleep,
I wake up in a new world,
page after bright page


Opium’s a friend
because it banishes pain
and much else, alas

Drugs You Need

Drugs you need have made
your face blank and soft and sad
despite your fierce will

No Place

Looking at your face,
I take in the sadness you
have no place to keep


I greet the acorn
that falls hatless at my feet
and then rolls and stops

Black Wasps

Black wasps in mint are
so massive the flowers bob
as the wasps hug them

Shadow And Light

Shadow meets light where
countless alphabets struggle
to be born and write

First Apple

Ma, the first apple
fell from the tree you gave us
when you were alive


Clouds drifting blue sky
can’t decide on a message
so just sail along

Spicebush Swallowtail

Spicebush swallowtail
on wild white clematis – light’s
the spice of spices

Not Worth A Damn

Prayer is not worth
a damn unless it’s tattered
the way our hopes are

Clay Colored Toad

A clay-colored toad
motionless on a clay road –
white dog misses it

Shoreland 1003

Blue Lake Michigan
on the bright edge of autumn –
first day of college

Depths Of This Winter

I will be sixty
in the depths of this winter –
snow already drifts

Same Light?

Is the light the same
as when I was young, before
I saw through myself?

Autumn Raspberries

Autumn raspberries
darker than the red of leaves,
and sweeter than blood

Mulberries In Spring

Mulberries in spring
and the raspberries of fall –
white dog devours them

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