Old Ohio Barn

Old barn – blue sky slats
mixed in among the gray. as
sky mixes with mine

Yola, April 5, 2007

Naked as a child
I go to April graveyard –
snow falls in Cleveland

Over It

I’m over it &
what I’m over is myself,
tiny as zerO

Lake Erie

Lake Erie in spring
a slate gray on which I wrote
my first history

In Puzzlement

Places of my youth
stand in puzzlement, wonder
just who I might be

Few Simple

A few simple things,
but what are they: can I count
them on my fingers?

My Puzzlement

When I meet myself
my puzzlement increases
but is sweetened, too

Piece Of Dead Fox

In her mouth white dog
holds a large piece of dead fox,
smiling as she does

Black Type

The coots are black type
scattered on the windy lake,
bobbing with the waves

Just Before

The beaver left off
just before the tree toppled –
what distracted her?

Joy’s Mist

The press of blind days
that don’t know where they’re going,
soft kiss of joy’s mist

Slippery Now

I’ve no occasion
except for slippery now
that I just can’t grab


White dog is groaning
with desire, hope, pleasure
all mixed together


There’s snow on my cheek,
but I can not ski down it,
since I’m the mountain

Cherry Dance

Weeping cherry’s dance
in the breeze is more complex
than any cloth skirt’s

Cleveland, April 2007

I miss my parents
in how I forget myself
and see only cloud

Company Of Stones

I’m bereaved when I
leave the cemetery and
company of stones

Flowers, Too

Words are flowers, too
I can arrange them only
as they bloom in me


Wafers of blue sky
sandwiched in between cloud sheep
that have no shepherd

Strange Spring

Plum petals and snow
mix in gusts of April wind –
this is a strange spring

Lost In A Cold Spring

Lost in a cold spring,
the fruit trees can’t help blooming,
blush on a gray sky


Dripping vanilla
down from the sky, the locusts
once more in sweet bloom


Golden coins scattered
through lush May green by the creek –
yellow swamp iris

Slant Bough

Dying oak’s slant bough
crosses where the raccoons live
on its way to sky

Lost Ash

Fallen mountain ash
in autumn snow, its berries
red as drops of blood

Canes In Bloom

Can these white flowers
bear the succulent rapture
of red raspberries?

GW’s Death, May 22, 2007

White lotus petals
floating down echo snow in
the cemetery


Bull frogs discussing
mysterious policies –
swampo profundo

Rabbit Paradise

Clover lifts its head,
white as snow, so much sweeter,
rabbit paradise

June 7, 2007

Now dryad’s saddles
are black and shriveled, worn out
riding moonlit nights

Park Heights Avenue

Field of winter wheat,
sable, at Park Heights, where crows
and black hats commune

Swift As Sunlight

Through tight loops of vine
a pair of goldfinches dart
as swift as sunlight

Past Harvard

Vanity is truth –
this goes past Harvard’s motto
to self-disclosure


Pink the new peak leaves
of these young oaks reaching to
touch my ancient chin

Ghost Tongue

Ghosts in river mist
discuss what was, what will be,
till sun steals their tongue

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