Disaster’s the star
that burns always too brightly
in hope’s firmament

Lost Question

I’m shy of myself
and wander this paradise
like a lost question

Blue Ease

A day slips away
as pelican’s industry
contrasts with my ease

Billion Years

These beaches have sand
to make a billion years pass
through night’s narrow hips

Soldier Crab Armies

Soldier crab armies
are on the move in moonlight –
little do they know

Sting Ray

Sting ray in shallows
a melodious shuffle
this side of flounder


So many whispers
snake their ways through the domain
of what I can’t say

My Blue Eye

I’m made to be, cease
in a lost sun’s golden blink,
my blue eye, the sky

Lost Horizon

Horizon is lost,
blue into blue before black,
stars studded above


Whimsy is a dream
of exit in a blue maze
vaster than I know

Dawn Breeze

Clouds are boiling up
from the horizon – dawn breeze
ripples purple sea


This is how it is –
when I dream I am no more
my words are orphaned

Rooster Knows

Rooster knows day cracks
always a new way, each pink
and silver new found

Frayed Green Sabers

This banana tree
brandishes all its frayed green
sabers in the wind

Palm Fronds

Palm fronds glisten green
under chalk runes written on
powder sky blue board

Clouds Trekking

Clouds trekking blue sky
are an alphabet before
any alphabet


Suddenly I find
I’m looking back on my life –
a fable, too true


If I could have been
someone other than myself,
who would I have been?

Bows of Cloud

Unstrung bows of cloud
float across powder blue sky –
where’s Odysseus?

The Lost

In transparent blue
of a green day on St. John
I keep losing me

And Tang

Green turtle and tang
light filtering through the sea –


Quiet certainty
of my sometimes ownership
of myself has gone

White Cloud Sheep

Indigo ocean,
stir of green in morning breeze
white cloud sheep graze sky

Bird Of Ink

Twin circumflexes
wheel high in blue sky – frigate
is the bird of ink

Horizon Words

There, horizonwards,
I look for horizon words
to join sea, sky, me

Weathered Rock

Weathered rock speaks of
immense force and subtlety
joined over eons

Peacock Flounder

Peacock flounder is
much more delicate than silk,
then becomes a rock

Restless Wind

The wind is restless,
works its way down the coast,
unknown to minnows


I found the fossil
of an ancient dream of me –
couldn’t find myself

If I Knew

If I knew what I
was doing here, could I still
grasp sweetness of breeze?

Blue Is Blue

Catalog blue’s shades –
blue is blue, wanders away,
returns to be blue

Little Blue Tang

Little blue tang have
the foreheads of buffalo,
mass in submerged herds

Scent Of Chives

Not even this storm
can erase the scent of chives –
now is their moment

Sixtieth Spring

My sixtieth spring
and I know the score by heart
and yet each note’s new

Amber Ocean

This tea in glass cup
lets me sail amber ocean
and then swallow it


Golden daffodils
bowing their heads in the storm –
is this piety?

Old Old Friend

Tendons of his hand,
much tighter than they once were –
we shake and he shakes

Bald Eagle

Bald eagle’s white tail
floats effortlessly as bird
traverses gray lake

All These Years

After all these years
of living here with myself
I’m still a stranger

Into My Blue

Into my blue eyes
the eagle flew from blue sky
and is soaring still

White Flag

White petals migrate
on spring wind – can that white flag
cross shivering pond?


Bloodroot blooms as white
as new snow all though the woods
and it has gold pupils

Death Relishes

Death relishes spring
as much as fall or winter –
it measures each bloom

Why, Eye

Why, eye, does it seem
that the red strawberry dreams
just because it gleams?

Jess M.

Robin’s egg I see
where it was decades ago,
long before you died

Alchemy’s Truth

Each story I tell,
by reason of its telling,
has alchemy’s truth


With each shift of breeze,
cherry blossom curtain is
made more delicate


Aftermath, the growth
when hay’s been cut, how the dead
come up in my mind

What I See

What I see surrounds
what I can’t say, inkling in
extremity, this

All Year Long

I wait all year long
for the cherry to explode
into rich pink bloom

Black Limbs

Cherry’s beautiful
even in winter, black limbs
writing on white snow

Inner Emblems

When sun opens them,
red tulips show black rotors –
could they spin and lift?

Poor In Honors

I’m poor in honors,
poor probably in honor
as dandelion

New Lettuce

New lettuce is up
in fresh green dots and dashes
against the brown earth

Cold April Fog

In cold April fog
tulips fold their petals tight,
glow more intensely

Shad Tree

Blooms on the shad tree
merge with fog and so extend
themselves everywhere

What New

Jack in the pulpit
is trying to figure out
what new he can speak


These minuscule lines
try to net matter smaller
still and fresh and free

Blade Of Grass

Time that lets me live
kills me, too – I acquiesce
like a blade of grass

April And

Spring green pitches tents
throughout the woods – I’m inclined
only to idle

Far From Me

I can imagine
pathways leading far from me
I may yet travel


Twittering of birds
seems to translate the tulips
in a new language

Vast City

Old dead sycamore
is majestic in decay,
founds a vast city

Green River

Hundreds of times, more,
I’ve walked this path that flows
like a green river


Bright flags of fervor,
tulip petals now litter
the bed where they slept


What I’m waiting for
there’s no way to know, for life
like death is surprise

Rachel, 18

You are like a dream,
child glowing green as I gray,
start to flake away

Fits, Starts

My past’s invention,
fabulous ghostly brocade,
woven by fits, starts

Winter Bones

Trees are lacy green
I’m forgetting the bareness
of their winter bones

Joints Predict

I’m of the age now
when my joints predict weather –
how I love sunshine

Back Up

Dogwoods in bloom – snow’s
climbed back up the trees, trying
to regain the sky

Pilfered Lilacs

Pilfered lilacs smell
even sweeter than the ones
that I’ve grown myself


I keep worrying
although violets have not
a clue why I do

Let Logic Go

I let logic go
I ‘m free to describe what I
see, what’s free of me

Dream It

Each instant’s so full,
so fragile and gone before
I dream it a name

Wild Light

I’m lost in wild light
I’ve known since my infancy,
before words had life

For LG

The solipsist’s muse
is a bubble in trouble –
I speak me, mean you

On Maple Root

Tiger swallowtail
lights on maple root, lapped at
by a cold blue lake

Like Talons

Majestic in flight,
bald eagle threatens with calls
that are like talons

Spring Blizzard

A stand of dogwoods
by the lake’s burly shoulder
makes a spring blizzard


Suddenly – morel –
in the middle of nowhere
where I am, too – wild


Luck makes me greedy
instead of quite satisfied –
why, violet, why?

May 10, 2005

A beautiful day
is coming in the window
beckoning me out

Going On

How the world goes on
going on while in my mind
it’s just as it was

Cobra Lilly

Book, cobra lily,
teak chair, mild May afternoon –
who knows what I am?

Unseen Birds

A sleeping white dog,
pink peonies in a vase,
speech of unseen birds

Prayer Flags

The wind has eaten
two Buddhist prayer flags that
once were red and blue


afternoon ebbs into night,
as sky finds star eyes

Restless Art

This wind’s restless art
combs through the trees and through me,
never satisfied


The sad certainty
is I’m temporary like
butterfly and bee

Red Winged Blackbird

Red winged blackbird flies
straight at me, torpedo with
scarlet epaulettes

Soft Whispers

Days seem infinite
until I hear soft whispers
of my end in me

Woman In Woods

Cell phone, cigarette,
Starbucks coffee – I saw this
woman of the wood


Awkward and graceful
all at once, spooked blue heron
lifts off from the marsh

Carpenter in Tree

Wood chips are flying –
pileated woodpecker,
carpenter in tree

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Pink cherry blossoms
have now come and gone – did I
see them or dream them?


In muddy river
a great blue heron, ancient,
immobile at dawn

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