Imagination is the screen on which the mystery of life reveals itself to us in terms we are capable of grasping, much as we work hard to show things to children in ways that fit them.

Every place we go not only is changed in our imagination but changes our imagination.

Imagination requires inner darkness as a preparation for the surprise of light.

There is no happier time than when we first glimpse the next wave of our imagination, knowing that it will take us to the shores of a new land which we always picture to ourselves as being more hospitable than it will turn out to be.

Our deeds are only to the acreage of our imagination.

There are rare privileged times when we can dwell quietly amidst the turbulence of our imagination and report on its doings as if it existed somehow apart from ourselves. These are the times when the most original works come to fruition as if they had always been waiting fully formed for the moment of their discovery.

Systems of obligation buttress systems of illusion. When we are in conflict over our obligations, this is an indication we need to devote ourselves to the imaginative work of reviewing our illusions.

Every relationship is a series of acts of imagination.

Imagination delivers us to ourselves and from ourselves.

The stars of our imagination burn against the deep night of what we can never imagine.

Once our lives have become freighted with dislocation, loss and a variety of textures of joy, these lives seem so exotic that we have trouble believing in them. So it comes to pass that our imaginations are always scrambling to help us arrive where we already are.

What we imagine need not come true to impact us, for it is already true in this realm which is nearer to us than clothing, closer even than our very skins.

Death is a natural fact rendered terrible in our imaginations in order to help us stay alive.

We often live first and imagine later.

Imagination conceives not only new information but new forms and sources of information, which, as we mine them, drive our imaginations out of its old ruts into previously unsuspected grooves.

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