A man as gray as ash,
I walk green breezy woods

Fallen trunks speak to me
of what they were and when

“Once we were green and huge,
we caught sun in our nets

Once we stood and we swayed,
we defied wind and storm

Our now was forever,
deep our roots delved dark earth

We slept through the winters
untroubled by the snow

We woke up in the spring
with rage to make life new

And all that we were, sir,
is best forgotten now

And all that we were, sir
is past ripe to rotting”

I lose a flake of ash
here and there but walk on

by dark rushing river
that holds water and time

The breezes that touch me
are both caress and claw.

Cardinal’s bright in bush,
talisman of flame.

I loose myself in speech
I lose myself in song

Ash once was wood of dreams,
now burnt by becoming

To be lighter and less,
ready for wingless flight

This summer took so long
coming, swiftly is gone

as the trout keep rainbows
in the river’s deep holes.

A man as gray as ash
I walk green breezy woods

Beware that you see me
long after I am gone

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